Video and document archives

Video and document archives

The Studio House of Parliament maintains text and video archives. These are integrated in to news production and are also responsible for recording key metadata, in the function of a media manager.

The Video archives hold and catalogue video material originating from original Studio House of Parliament ENG productions. These are images of political events at the federal level, as well as general illustrative images required for further use as motifs for specific issues. Video shoots are commissioned to fill gaps. Only material which is of relevance to federal government policy is included in the permanent archive. Other historical material is maintained within the Enterprise Units, as are the final broadcast items.

The Video archive also researches and provides raw video for further usage. This service is able to use online research to obtain video images from the regions.

The Documents archive maintains the server for ENG materials, as well as material provided by the regions, and archive material. The Documents service collects documents on federal policy issues in Italian, French and German in a single database. It prepares them and makes them available to journalists. The documents concerned are media releases, reports, studies and fact sheets, which are published by the Federal Administration, Parliament or stakeholder groups.

The second main task of the Documents service is to conduct research on current affairs in the three national languages, and to maintain electronic files over the long term. These files may be consulted by all SRG journalists from their workstations.