TV studios with two-way (duplex) connections

TV studios with two-way (duplex) connections

TV studios 1 to 3 have two-way (duplex) connections and are available for all two-way news broadcasts. They also serve as backup studios in case of a total breakdown at an SRG Enterprise Unit broadcast centre.

A person taking part in a live daily news broadcast may well be speaking from one of our duplex studios. These offer the perfect conditions for live input. One or two interviewees can be linked from here to any other studio in the world.

Using blue or green screens along with our two-way communications technology means that we can create a wide range of backgrounds – be they live images from the Federal Palace, the media conference room, or the National Council and Council of States chambers, or graphics or VT. All duplex studios also offer an autocue system, allowing the presenter to maintain eye contact with the audience while reading a text appearing on the camera screen.

In and around the Parliament building the Studio House of Parliament has installed over 50 terminals (video, audio and IT) which are connected directly to the studio. All of these terminals permit simplex and duplex communication.