Radio studio

Radio studio

The Studio House of Parliament operates six fully-equipped radio studios for SRG Enterprise Units.

The studios are used to provide radio coverage from the Federal Palace. This includes parliamentary sessions, media conferences, political events at the federal level, and state receptions, as well as for reporting from the Bern area.

The Studio House of Parliament provides the following services;

  • Radio coordination and logistics; coordination between the Enterprise Units
  • Provision of radio production facilities
  • Guest hospitality for programmes produced by the Enterprise Units
  • Training, planning and coordination for sound engineer deployments
  • Deploying sound engineers in the Bern area, outside the Media Centre
    (e.g. in the Federal Palace) for the production of radio programming

The studios are designed with intuitive technology, but are operated with support from a sound engineer depending on the complexity of the programme. The RTS studio also offers a webcam.