National studio

National studio

The television studio at the Media Centre has a strategic function. It serves SRG Enterprise Units as the venue for programmes such as “Classe Politique”, and it also provides an emergency studio in the event of a total breakdown at the broadcast centre of one of the SRG Enterprise units.

The ultramodern television studio has a stage area of 230 square metres and is ideally equipped for both TV productions and broadcasts. The studio control room is fully integrated into the production environment of the Studio House of Parliament. This control room can also be used to produce programming on external stages, such as the Bundesplatz square in front of the Federal Palace, and the Wandelhalle or Bernerhof government event venues. We also offer a smaller studio which is used jointly by SRG and private Swiss TV broadcasters.
There is a goods lift for set and props, direct from truck to studio.

Small studio productions can be dealt with at short notice on request during our daily production times. For larger productions, please ask us for a quote.