Coordination organises all aspects of the Studio House of Parliament’s work. It determines what volume of orders is allocated where, and also oversees processes, from preparation to invoicing. It also handles operational HR planning, including how many staff are to be deployed where, and according to what schedule, for the entire staff and all production facilities.Coordination handles enquiries, checks the availability of facilities and personnel, and plans their medium and short-term use in accordance with applicable regulations (working hours, etc.). Using defined criteria, it plans all Federal Parliament Production Centre productions, and ensures that commissions are completed on time.

Coordination has a front desk (reception, telephone), enters all core data for technical production, and coordinates news in collaboration with the SRG Enterprise Unit editorial teams. In addition, Coordination organises and plans the broadcast of Federal Councillor addresses on television and radio in accordance with the requirements of their departments, and in consultation with line managers and editorial teams.

Studio House of Parliament Coordination

SPOC (Single Point of Contact)

Phone. +41 31 326 33 33
Fax +41 31 312 35 59
e-mail: dispo.bdh(at)