The Studio House of Parliament is a service centre that forms part the national service department of SRG SSR. Together with journalists from the press and private electronic media, it is located in the Federal Palace Media Centre , just a stone’s throw from the Federal Palace itself. The Studio House of Parliament’s remit covers three main tasks.

Ensuring coverage

As a national service provider, the Studio House of Parliament looks after around 35 parliamentary correspondents from RSI, RTS, RTR, SRF and SWI In addition, with its technical services it ensures that political events in Bern and the surrounding area are covered for radio, TV and online media in all four national languages.

National emergency studio

The Studio House of Parliament also functions as an emergency studio for the Enterprise Units of SRG. It can be brought on line at short notice as a production and broadcast location should the TV production infrastructure in Chur, Lugano, Geneva or Zurich break down.

Host broadcast partner for the Swiss Confederation

As a production partner to the Federal Administration, the Studio House of Parliament records all debates in the National Council and Council of States. It also covers all Federal Council media conferences for the Federal Chancellery. The parliament and the administration publish these recordings internally and externally, and also provide them free of charge to all media.